Roadside Geology and Biology of Baja California, Mexico


As you travel the peninsular highways, let us introduce you to the geological and biological aspects of this magnificent place. The book contains road logs that provide kilometer-by–kilometer highlights of the roadside geology and biology of specific areas. There are over 220 photographs and 80 drawings and sketches of the Baja that we love to aid in the visual identification of what we describe. We’ll cover the historical aspects of the land, explaining the how’s and why’s of the geology and biology you are discovering along your journey. We’ll even throw in a story or two of our more humorous adventures and tidbits of trivia to pass along to others.

Before you start your travels, take time to read the biology and geology sections the beginning of the book. There is a discussion in the geology introduction of the 5 major geomorphic provinces (landforms based on the geology), of the tilted fault blocks that form the backbone of the peninsula, and of the erosion surfaces that seem to be nearly everywhere, a bit of plate tectonics and a general geologic history of how Baja came to be. There are simplified rock charts as well as a time scale that show the interrelationships between the various rocks. In the biology introduction, there is a discussion of the phytogeographic provinces and their plants as well as a separate section on birds in Baja with details of the birds in each province. Sketches are provided of some of the more common birds. At the back of the book, there is a glossary of terms that you might not be familiar with and references too for those of you who want more.

To add to your enjoyment, there is now a companion volume to this guide. The Baja California of Yesteryear describes what it was like to travel and work in Baja California a half a century ago. It expands on our Baja adventures and recounts, somewhat humorously, the conditions that we faced as well as events that occurred. The books are designed to complement each other.

It is a warm feeling to know that we will make your travels on this fascinating peninsula more interesting. Enjoy!