• Roadside Geology and Biology of Baja California, Mexico

    Second Edition


    This book will provide for your enjoyment and keep you entertained as you travel along Baja’s highways. It is written for the person who has an interest in the natural surroundings and unique geology and biology of the Baja California Peninsula and will introduce you to this magnificent place in a way that you can understand with little or no formal training in geology or biology.

    This 2nd edition of the Roadside Geology and Biology of Baja California completely replaces the 1st edition and the older Baja Highway with new and updated information in a 6×9 format with 220 color photographs and 80 sketches and drawings. It includes rock charts, geologic time scale, references, glossary, and an index.The road logs provide kilometer-by-kilometer information on the roadside geology and biology of the highways.


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  • Baja California of Yesteryear cover

    The Baja California of Yesteryear

    On the Other Side of the Rut

    This book of the Baja of yesteryear takes you down the old pre-pavement peninsular road of the 60’s and early 70’s describing the road and recounting the conditions that we faced, while expanding on our Baja adventures as we went These adventures reach back over fifty years in the Baja that we all love.


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